"The Peanut Butter Pact"
The pink team doesn't share peanut butter.
Season Season 1
Episode Number 8/10 (008)
First Broadcast September 17, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous Call of the Wild
Next Sabotage!

The Peanut Butter Pact is the eighth episode of The CW's Capture.


One member of the sabotaged team will have to wear an altitude mask for the duration of the second hunt day. The mask will make it harder to breathe.


Day 15Edit

Arlynn and Kirsten enjoy a nice jar of peanut butter that they won from a previous trip to the supply station, they do not share, angering other teams.

Matt and Kaliesha are selected as the hunting team.

Before the hunt beings, the teams are told that all their alarms will sound and the only way to turn them off is to group up and solve the code.

Rob and Jacob and Antoine and Kareem meet up at a looking glass station and see that the white team is in pursuit of the pink team. The pink team narrowly manages to escape capture. The advantage point is revealed. Nikita and Jade arrive there first, the green and red team get their shortly after and they wait for the pink team.

Finally, the pink team is found, the code is cracked and the alarms stop ringing. The pink team splits from the pack knowing that the pack will be noisy. But the pack then agrees to eliminate the pink team if they are captured because they were angry with the pink team for not sharing the peanut butter.

The white team captures the pink team. The teal team chooses to sabotage the green team.

Day 16Edit

Antoine must wear the altitude mask for this hunt. To make matters worse, he gets hit in the eye by a tree branch.

The supply station opens and all teams go. They enjoy a turkey and mashed potato feast. The white team hides in the bushes and waits for the station to close, they capture the teal team.

The teal team, having allies and appearing weaker than the pink team is saved, Arlynn and Kirsten are eliminated.


Eigth Elimination
Arlynn and Kirsten (2 votes)
Antoine and Kareem, Rob and Jacob
Nikita and Jade (1 vote)
Matt and Kaliesha
Arlynn and Kirsten

Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

Antoine and Kareem
Arylnn and Kirsten
ChrisandNick B&W
Chris and Nick
EricandShane B&W
Eric and Shane
JamesandRebecca B&W
James and Rebecca
Marlina and Kellee
Matt and Kaliesha
Nikita and Jade
Rob and Jacob
Ryan and Erica
SabrinaandNoelle B&W
Sabrina and Noelle
Tremana and Jarick


Behind the ScenesEdit


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