"The Blue Devils"
Eric and Shane are the hunt team.
Season Season 1
Episode Number 3/10 (003)
First Broadcast August 13, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous Hunger Strike
Next Angel with a Broken Wing

The Blue Devils is the third episode of Season 1.


The first to arrive at the advantage point gets to sabotage another team. The White team sabotages the black team by giving them 20 pound belts each to wear in the following hunt day.


Day 5Edit

Gold team expresses a want to be hunters. They want to eliminate the Blue team. The Blue team are the hunters, they are eager to hunt.

The hunt begins. The White team is bickering, and the blue team, Eric and Shane hear them. They come close to capturing them, but the white team escapes.

Later, the advantage point opens, the White team gets to it first and sabotages the Black team, because they think they are allies with the Blue team.

The purple team goes to high ground. They take minute long breaks. On one break, the Blue team notices them, they chase and capture them. Erica has a meltdown. She is still upset about the sub sandwiches.

At the camp, Eric and Shane invite Sabrina and Noelle, the black team, to stay with them in the hunters den. They know the white team sabotaged them and they express that it was a "waste of a sabotage" because the blue team wouldn't capture their allies.

Day 6Edit

The hunt begins, during the hunt, the "looking glass station" is introduced, a team can use it to see other teams. The Lime team decides to check it out. They find the Blue team and the Black team are close to each under. The Lime team assumes they are working together, but they are wrong, they tell this wrong information to the white team.

Later, the supply station opens and Rob and Jacob go. They enjoy some cake, but Eric and Shane also go and wait for the prey to leave the safety grounds. When Rob and Jacob leave, the Blue team pounces and they are captured.

As teams returned to the village, Kaliesha calls the Black team "shady" and Matt explains that situation of Blue team and the Black team appearing on the radar side-by-side and a shouting match erupts between Kaliesha and the Black team.


Third Elimination
Ryan and Erica(5 votes)
Chris and Nick, Jade and Nikita, Sabrina and Noelle,
Eric and Shane, James and Rebecca
Rob and Jacob (3 votes)
Arlynn and Kirsten, Matt and Kaliesha, Antoine and Kareem
Ryan and Erica

Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

Antoine and Kareem
Arylnn and Kirsten
Chris and Nick
Eric and Shane
James and Rebecca
Marlina and Kellee
Matt and Kaliesha
Nikita and Jade
Rob and Jacob
Ryan and Erica
Sabrina and Noelle
Tremana and Jarick


Behind the ScenesEdit


  • This is the first time where everyone votes.
  • This is the first time a prior hunting team goes home.
  • This episode marks the first time The Looking Glass is introduced into the game.
  • James and Rebecca are the first team to utilize the Looking Glass power.

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