Rob and Jacob
Team Profile
Ages Rob (25)
Jacob (26)
Hometown Brick, NJ (Rob)
Indianapolis, IN (Jacob)
Relationship Neighbors

Season 1

Placement 3/12
Challenge(s) Won 4

Rob Anderson and Jacob Kosior  are a team from Season 1.


Fitness Skills: Volleyball, running, swimming, rowing
Why they want to win: They want to donate to “The Center on Halsted” – An LGBT community center for people who have been kicked out of their homes.

The HuntEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Rob and Jacob's Voting History
Episode Rob and Jacob's
Voted Against
Rob and Jacob
1 Marlina and Kellee Safe
2 Tremana and Jarick Safe
3 In Jail Arlynn and Kirsten, Matt and Kaliesha,
Antoine and Kareem
4 Did Not Vote Safe
5 James and Rebecca Safe
6 In Jail Matt and Kaliesha, Antoine and Kareem
Eliminated, Day x





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