"Call of the Wild"
Sabrina and Noelle face elimination
a third time
Season Season 1
Episode Number 7/10 (007)
First Broadcast September 10, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous Reversal of Fortune
Next The Peanut Butter Pact

Call of the Wild is the seventh episode of The CW's Capture.


The sabotaged team will be teathered together for the remainder of the hunt. However, the location of the advantage point is available to the hunt team.


Day 13Edit

Sabrina and Noelle are selected as the hunting team.

Sabrina and Noelle are outran by Antoine and Kareem, but when the beach supple station opens, the black hunt team stalks it, and Antoine and Kareem are the first to arrive there.

Sabrina and Noelle continue to stalk, Matt and Kaliesha and Rob and Jacob narrowly outrun the hunt team into the supply station.

When the five minute call is made to close the station, Rob and Jacob sprint away when Sabrina and Noelle are distracted.

The hunt team ends the day without capturing anyone.

On the 13th night, the teams will be sleeping out on the beach and not in the village. Meanwhile, the hunt team will sleep in the village.

Arlynn and Kirsten set up a small encampment, Kirsten is a wilderness survival guide, they are prepared for the night.

Day 14Edit

Sabrina and Noelle get to the advantage point first, they choose to sabotage the white team.

Sabrina and Noelle find the white team and chase them.


Seventh Elimination
No Capture
Sabrina and Noelle
(Automatic Elimination)
SabrinaandNoelle B&W
Sabrina and Noelle

Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

Antoine and Kareem
Arylnn and Kirsten
ChrisandNick B&W
Chris and Nick
EricandShane B&W
Eric and Shane
JamesandRebecca B&W
James and Rebecca
Marlina and Kellee
Matt and Kaliesha
Nikita and Jade
Rob and Jacob
Ryan and Erica
SabrinaandNoelle B&W
Sabrina and Noelle
Tremana and Jarick


  • This is the first time where no teams were captured.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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